India’s leading Dealer to Dealer (D2D) network for Electrical Industry

ClearStock is a leading dealer-to-dealer (D2D) network connecting dealer’s, enabling efficient inventory trading and sales exclusively for Electrical industry. Dealers can buy and sell stocks within the network, improving sales opportunities, reducing costs, and streamlining operations. It provides a seamless platform for dealers to expand their inventory options and maximize profitability. Dealer’s would have an exclusive access to local requirements from end user’s.

Dukan se Dukan

ClearStock is india’s Dealer to Dealer(D2D) platform which emphasizes on selling stocks from your dealer point.

Direct Contact

ClearStock gives a platform for everyone to directly connect with lakhs of dealers within and outside area to increase sales and profitability. 

Making an Impact Across India

Driving sales growth by implementing effective marketing strategies, optimizing distribution networks, leveraging data-driven insights, and building strong partnerships, to make a significant impact across India’s sales landscape.

Enrollment Process

  1. Download the App
  2. Register yourself
  3. Create Sale Deal
  4. Stock Cleared!
  5. Feeling Relaxed!

Reviews from dealers

Usefull app for all buyer who can buy product and sell their product
Sarala - Ahmedabad

All over India all dealers can buy and sell their products through this app.
Pravin - Ahmedabad

Fine app, good for us, now we get material at good price
Ankit - Ahmedabad

Nice application good for the business
Sufiyan - Ahmedabad

Biggest opportunity to connect to lakhs of dealer in India.
Rahul - Ahmedabad

Amazing app for my electrical business
Pradnya - Ahmedabad

ClearStock App is available for Android & IOS Devices.

ClearStock app lets you connect with all the dealer’s across the country to sell or buy at the best rate along with availability of stock. 

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